Friday June 3rd & Saturday June 4th

Come join us for 2 days packed full of advanced level instruction designed to prepare you for the Journeyman and Master Level Exams, and perhaps more importantly, to help take you to the next level in sustainable beekeeping.

The beginner class taught you how to get your bees started in the spring, the advanced class will educate you on how to take those bees through the winter and have a productive honey producing colony next spring.

State Apiary Inspectors Adolphus Leonard (50 year beekeeper) and Bridget Gross (7 year beekeeper) will give classroom and in hive instruction covering pests, predators, and diseases, as well as perspectives gained from both the eastern and western regions of the state.

Tommy Batts, Commercial Horticultural Agent for Wilson County Extension will cover pesticide use and labels, farmer beekeeper relationships, and how to protect your bees.

Husband & wife Daniel Harnden & Kory Goldsmith hobbyist beekeepers since 1984, started a sideline nuc business in 2018 focusing on Caucasian/VSH genetics and will share advanced management techniques and their unique documentation methods.

Debbie Chun is a 6 year beekeeper that uses her role as “Beetrice” the bee to spread the word about how important bees are as pollinators. She will cover pollination and plant parts for us.

Dave Bradley (15 year beekeeper) and owner of Sapony Creek Apiaries will discuss advanced level equipment.

Additionally, Terry Wilson will cover Advanced Biology and Behavior.

Greg Wolgemuth will touch on important names and dates in the rich history of beekeeping.

When: Friday June 3rd 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday June 4th from 8 am to 5 pm.
Where: Wilson County Agricultural Center / Club Apiary
Cost: $100 per person with lunch included both days