Wilson County Beekeepers Association Members:

Our next meeting is October 4th at the Wilson Agriculture Center. Refreshments are at 6:30 with the meeting starting at 7:00. If you are able, please bring a snack to share. We will be having door prizes. Please donate items, they do not have to be bee related. Don’t forget we are still selling raffle tickets for a nuc. It was originally scheduled to be given away at this meeting but is being postponed to November since we missed our last meeting due to the hurricane.

Our fair booth was a huge success. Thanks to all those that helped in any way. Next year we would like to grow on this…maybe have an observation hive and sell honey.

A few items on the agenda:

  • The beekeeper school in March
  • Fundraising for hives and equipment, location of club apiary
  • Program coordinator for 2019
  • Mentor and mentee volunteers
  • T-shirts
  • Nominating committee (elections at November meeting)
  • Presentation to 4H club – October 19th
  • Bug Fest – October 20th

We will have a program on feeding.

Please be sure to check the sign in table for chances to volunteer for various duties and opportunities! Any thoughts, suggestions or questions - please share with the members or reach out to one of the officers at any time.

Please like the Facebook page – Wilson County Beekeepers Association – if you haven’t already. Feel free to share your experiences on the page. There will also be a club website up and running very soon!

See you on Thursday!


Call to order

  • President Bruce Petway called to order the regular meeting of the Wilson County Beekeepers Association at 7:00 on October 4, 2018.

Open issues

  • Financial report: $603.71 plus $22 taken in tonight, $625.71 total
  • Birthdays this month – Tommy Batts October 13th
  • Club website – Magnus Ullberg has created wilsonbeekeepers.org. Please send him photos and info to be added. Has a google number that will have a voicemail so people can call. Emails will go to the executive committee.
  • Greg Wolgemuth updated about the bee school, March 9th, has instructors lined up, need to advertise.

New business

  • Monthly hive time – October is here and the season is fixing to change. Prepare for frost, be sure hives have enough stores for the winter, Mite check now – treat if necessary, combine weak hive with a strong hive.
  • Carl Pennington spoke with Randall Barnes of Wilson Farm Bureau, asked for donation to fund a hive (up to $450), Mr. Barnes suggested we have a presentation at their January meeting with a list of what is needed and costs.
  • Rebecca Batts cannot be our program coordinator for 2019. Kelly Lancaster has volunteered to do so, Michael Lancaster has offered to run for her executive committee position.
  • We had a booth at the Wilson County fair. It was very nice and thanks to those that helped!
  • Andrea Ullberg and Ella Temple are on the fundraising committee.
  • Possible t-shirt sales, Kelly Lancaster has ideas, Bobbie Butts will discuss with her.
  • Bugfest is in Raleigh in October.
  • Local 4H group would like us to present info about bees on October 19th, Tommy Batts is handling this.
  • County will be spraying for mosquitoes, can register your hives on drift watch.
  • Nominating committee members are Fred Dawes, Elizabeth Bunn and Alan Bunn. Have emailed and asked for nominations. The current slate of officers will accept the invitation to remain officers for 2019.
    • Bruce Petway- President
    • Carl Pennington – Vice President
    • Bobbie Butts - Secretary
    • Andrea Ullberg – Treasurer
    • Executive Committee – Greg Wolgemuth comes off
      • Robert Wells moves to the 2 year term
      • Michael Lancaster has been nominated to replace Kelly Lancaster
      • Alan Bunn nominated for the 3 year term.
  • There were no other nominations, it will remain open and be voted on at the November meeting.
  • Greg Wolgemuth gave an informative program about feeding.


  • President Bruce Petway adjourned the meeting.
  • Minutes submitted by: Secretary Bobbie Butts